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It until quite recently, I was an Irish “Terror’s” boy. In fact, I was an Irish Terror’s boy for nearly thirteen years. Murphy or “MD” (short for Murphy Dog) as he was affectionately known around here, was a real class act to say the least. Never lacking in mischief or energy he always found a way to get into some sort of trouble and wriggle his way right back out with the wag of his tail. He was the terror of every squirrel in his forest and the boss around the house. In spite of my best efforts, he trained me and the rest of his family. None of us would have changed it for anything in the world. January 9th of 2012, Murph finished his job here and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. In his time among us he taught us all what is to love unconditionally and to be utterly devoted to your family both of which are lessons the world needs. My family and I miss him more than the power of the written word can begin to describe. You see, the joy of being an Irish Terror’s boy is something only a lucky few will ever know. For those that do, count yourselves among the luckiest, for those who don’t WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!  Murphy, my beloved terror, is fondly remembered and lives on in my heart and in my mind. Until I meet you again Murph, I love you.

-Andrew Rolander

One Response to Murphy

  1. Ken Murphy

    What a great tribute Andrew! You are so right, we have had Annie for 10 years now, God my best friend. There is nothing like having an Irish as part of your family; we have been blessed.
    Best regards,

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