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CH Oh! Patrick Darcy Rose

 October 1998 –  November  2011


I was there to watch your birth – the first in the litter, my first litter, the first of many litters to follow.  You were the only puppy in the litter to scale the walls of your pen.  At 8 weeks you took a Cirque du Soleil dive off the top of the sofa.  You were athletic, you were beautiful, you had star power – finishing your Championship in just a few weekends.  Unfortunately, puppies from you were not in the cards no matter how much money we spent, no matter how hard we tried.


I picture you napping in the sun on my dining room table, or outside, standing on the picnic table, peering in the front window, never wanting to miss anything.   I picture you greeting me every evening when I came home from work. Your stare, with those piercing dark eyes, always telling me you wanted something:  a cookie, a walk, a ride in the car, a game of tug-o-war.  Always something!


Molly and Fergus, my first Irish were, in fact, my favorites, but when they had to leave, you and I clung to one another, comforting one another, both feeling the incredible pain of loss.


Darcy, I’ll never know if we waited too long…..   We did our best to figure that out.  We held you in our arms, smelled the sweetness of your fur, and hopefully sent you to a much better place.


Thank you for every exasperating, amusing, cherished moment of the past 13 years.
Gerry and Pat Crane


One Response to CH Oh! Patrick Darcy Rose

  1. Beth Burgert

    Hi Gerry and Pat.

    My husband, Jim, and I adopted our Miles from you back in Feb. 2008. You were calling him Mr. Magoo. We now call him Miles Magoo. He was in the same litter as “Bruiser” (his brother). (How is Bruiser, anyway? Do you know where he is?) I just want to let you know what joy Miles has brought to our lives. He is a true IT with all the IT characteristics. He is super smart – I bet he knows at least 25 words. He is spoiled, spoiled, spoiled and not a day goes by without him making us laugh. He loves living in Denver, CO. He gets lots of walks, hikes, runs, and playtime and he has more toys than most kids. (He plays with them all.)

    I just wanted to take the time to write and hopefully to hear back from you. I know you like to keep tabs on your puppies. 😉

    Thank you both with love from Beth, Jim, and Miles Burgert.

    P.S. I am so sorry to hear about Daryc, Fergus, and Molly. We had the honor of getting to meet them. I remember Fergus laying on the couch vividly. Jim and I have thought about all of them and you these past 6 years since adopting Miles. Our sincere condolences.

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