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Owner Rehome Program

ITRN’s Owner Rehome Program is rescue with a difference.  There are times, due to life changes, that owners can no longer provide for their beloved red companions.   At ITRN, we understand that this is a very hard choice to be faced with and we do our best to provide support for the humans as well as serve as advocates for the Irish.   This program enables open adoption – the new owner will often times be selected by the current owner and there is contact between the two.  And the dog stays in its current home until the new home is found.

Why do we take this approach?  The answer is simple – it provides the Irish the best possible chance for success in the new home because no one knows the red dog better than the person who loves it and has lived with it and this person serves as part of the support system.  For the owner who loved their dog enough to give them up, this program provides comfort and closure.  If the Owner Rehome Program does not fit your needs, ITRN will work with you to release the dog to rescue as soon as possible.  For help, contact ITRN using the form below.