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Twelve and ½ years ago, little did we suspect how a then 14-weeks old red bundle of energy would change our lives so profoundly.  McMahon Clan’s Liam O’Dare, born 12/19/99, was our first Irish Terrier and the beginning of the McMahon Clan tradition of excellence.  From the very beginning, we knew we had added a very special new member to our family.  Although he later became an AKC and International Champion, an International Best In Show winner and the sire of a number of beautiful pups (all of whom would go on to become AKC champions themselves), Liam was first, foremost and always our sweet boy and beloved friend and companion.  Sadly, Liam left us on April 16, 2012 at the age of twelve years.  While we continue to mourn him deeply, we are acutely aware of the positive impact he had upon us.  He was our introduction into the wonderful world of Irish Terriers; and we have made many dear and lifelong friends as a result of becoming involved in showing dogs, which all began because of Liam.  Even though he left us much too soon, he left behind a legacy of love and friendships which we will always treasure.


Rest In Peace

CH. McMahon Clan’s Liam O’Dare

12/19/99 – 4/16/12


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