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Riley in Maryland

There are Irish Terriers who are characters you are not likely to forget – Riley is one of those special guys that defy description.  He came to ITRN as 6 year old male Irish,  house-trained, crate-trained, and with knowledge of basic obedience commands. Riley was (and is) a  high energy lad with a love for the game of keep-away. He loves toys, car rides, and treats. He is selective about the canine company he keeps as Irish sometimes are but he loves, loves, LOVES humans. Riley does those Irish twists and turns so fast and tight that you can’t help but laugh and smile at his enthusiasm. The boy has soul and moves! Riley’s one idiosyncrasy in life that was to be his downfall – he ADORED his female owner and did not care to share her with ANYONE – including other family members.   After months of working with Riley to overcome his bully behavior …..  along came John…

DSCN3842John said “I just lost my Irish – my home is so empty.  I don’t want a young one – I want an older dog who is difficult for you to place.”   WOW!!!!  What a Christmas gift!   And so John was told the tale of Riley and every dirty deed the lad ever did and everything possible was done to discourage the transaction but John was not to be deterred in his quest to adopt Riley.  Even a two day drive from FL to MD did not make a bit of difference.  Upon meeting Riley – John still believed he was handsome and perfect.  Joe was a bit more reserved but when Riley wrapped his body around Joe’s legs, he was smitten as well.   And so our mid-Atlantic lad now lives in the Florida sun with two stay at home dads.   Happy life Riley, me boy!   DSCN3846

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