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Max in Maryland – ADOPTED

Meet Max – a fine Irish lad whose owner gave him up because he could no longer care for him.  Max is an interesting guy with trust issues, no obedience training, and a severe case of crate aggression.   We believe that somewhere in his young life, he was mistreated.   Max seems to get on with some but not all other dogs.  He is neutered and up to date with all his vaccines.  Our lad needs a patient and experienced owner to continue the progress we have made on his training.  Max is very athletic and bright.  He would excel at agility.   Max lived with children in his first home and he is far TOO fond of cats.  He is currently being fostered in a country environment so he’s been introduced to horses, goats, and chickens.   Is Max the guy for you?

After many months of rehabilitation and training, Max turned the corner and decides that humans were really okay.  Along came Sean and Janet who have experienced decades of Irish in their homes.  Sean fell in love with Max and the feeling was mutual.  Max adores his Janet.  And really likes those long walks on the beach and all the dogs he meets along the way.  Good life Max!

Sean, Max, and Janet

Sean, Max, and Janet

4 Responses to Max in Maryland – ADOPTED

  1. Tom Slater

    Please, if Max is still available, Call me at 240.298.1272

  2. Lynette johnson

    Is Max still available? I am located in Frederick, MD & have a large yard.