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Meet Keeley – she’s a typical Irish teenage lass filled with high spirits and ready for mayhem.  Keely’s owners love her but their lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to Keely’s current needs.   Keeley likes toys, car rides, cuddles, and hugs.  She likes to be up close and personal with her humans and demands to be in the center of attention.  Keeley is very selective about her canine companionship and after a careful introduction in a neutral environment, she will happily rough house and play.   This lass is crate trained and will voluntarily go take naps there.  As with most Irish adolescents, she is unruly and opinionated and will be best served by a home with an active and experienced Irish owner.  Keeley is smart and loyal and would make a great agility dog.

Keeley is now living with her new mom and dad – Cathy and Mike who came to us with terrier experience and the know-how to deal with a dog aggressive opinionated lass.  It was love at first sight.  Keeley took her new home by storm in usual Irish Terrier fashion by investigating every crack and crevice and closet.  Her new family is letting no moss grow under their feet – Keeley is going to “good dog” training so that she can withstand the sight of another dog across the parking lot without screaming and shrieking (another neat IT female trait).  We are thrilled to have such a dedicated familly join us and we know that Keeley will be loved and happy in her new home.

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