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Finn – Florida

In August of 2008, Finn was brought into Schnauzer/Fox Terrier Rescue of FL because his owner could no longer care for him due to health issues. I caution you that the story about to be unfolded will break your heart, bring a tear to your eye, and anger you.

Finn came into rescue in terrible condition. He was covered with ticks and fleas. He had bi-lateral conjunctivitis, severe ear infections, tested heartworm positive, had liver and kidney infections, rotting teeth and infected gums, ringworm, sarcoptic mange and many other infections not to mention internal worms. He had not been groomed or bathed in 18 months. and lived outside for the last 5 years near Ocala Fl. (Marion County) without heartworm preventative or flea/tick preventative. He had open sores caused by living in filth and severe matting that pulled on his fur and skin. He had live maggots inside and outside his skin caused by flies laying eggs in his open wounds. Finn suffered from severe animal abuse and neglect. He smelled like rotting flesh.

Through all Finn’s pain and suffering he remained a very sweet and loving dog who truly deserved a good life for his remaining years. Rescuer Lyn Townsend and others in her group went about the task of giving Finn the best chance possible for survival. They saw that all his medical issues were dealt with and this included months of special care.

Finn’s improvement and recovery was nothing short of a miracle. He survived the heartworm treatment, medication took care of all the infections, and the loving care given by rescue dealt with the rest.  After months of treatment, we discovered a true “Emerald in the rough”

Finn is now in a loving forever home. He sleeps on a nice soft bed and pals around with his best terrier buddy Viktor. He gets to take walks on the beach each weekend and wears sunglasses on these outings. Jon and Sandy report that he’s a marvelous companion and loves his new surroundings.

Finn’s story had a happy ending with a future so bright he “has to wear shades”!

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