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Board of Directors

Meet the ITRN Board of Directors:

Marcia Segura  is the president of the Irish Terrier Rescue Network. She is married with two grown sons, lives in the DC suburbs and does “rocket science” at NASA. She is owned by three rescue Irish Terriers – Sparks, Caty, and Fiona.  Marcia has been actively engaged in many philanthropic activities including tutoring students in math and science, supporting local food banks and homeless shelters, and mentoring immigrant families new to the United States. She approaches her role with the ITRN much as she approaches life – with a sense of urgency, determination, drive, and a belief that anything is possible.


Cheryl Collins is our Rescue Advisor.  Cheryl is married, has grown children and grandchildren and lives in Iowa. Rescue is a calling and a passion for her. We refer to Cheryl as the puppy mill dog whisperer – the work she does is nothing short of amazing. Her experience with and views about rescue make her a great advocate for the dogs. She is the president of Wire Fox Terrier Rescue Midwest – one of ITRN partner rescue organizations. This unique blend of skills and experience makes her more than qualified to serve as the advisor to the Irish Terrier Rescue Network’s rescue efforts.

Diana Whitehead serves as the Volunteer and Membership Coordinator.  Diana is married, has one teenage daughter, and is owned by three rescue Irish Terriers – Bonnie, Amaya, and Jasper.  She lives in PA.  Diana retired from the pharmaceuticals sector to dedicate herself to child-rearing and family life. She is active in philanthropic endeavors including the management of a local soup kitchen and a girl scout troop. Her management skills from her career days and her current activities are put to good use as her calm and thoughtful approach to life helps keep us grounded.

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